The Joy of Dressage Part 2 - Uta Gräf, Friederike Heidenhof


Dostupné na objednávku.

The joy of riding is getting pleasure as a rider out of being around horses and reaching your own personal goals. Imparting the pleasure of that joint endeavor to ones horse is by far the most important goal in Uta Gräf’s training and equine husbandry. Highlight: Behind the scene glimpses into her training concept for her top horses. Part 2: Training the Rider Riding with motivation and enthusiasm are important pre-requisites to creating a partnership that is equally pleasurable for the horse. Successful Grand Prix rider Uta Gräf’s aim is fine riding on keen horses.

The second film in the three part series shows how the rider can influence their horse to get close to this ideal. Highlight: Uta Gräf talks about training her successful horses. – Choosing the right horse – Finding the right trainer – Instruction and stable culture – Riding without fear through good husbandry and training – Stress-free riding – Seat and posture exercises

80 min

ISBN: 978-3-95499-003-0


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